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If you could potentially reach millions of people for free like with the Mentos and Diet Coke Videos (here’s one about making “weapons” with Diet Coke & Mentos!” see the thumbnail below), why not? It might catch on if it’s interesting enough.

Or if people are looking for free information on your product or service it could at least put you favorably in front of potential customers.

Here’s how…

From Desinotes

1. Create a video with your logo on it.

2. Make sure the video contains something that people may have interest in it.

3. Render it in Windows Media Video 9 file (WMV).

4. Go to and sign up for an account.

5. Once you have your account approved, log in to your account.

6. On the top you should see six tabs: Home, Videos, Channels, Groups, Categories, Upload; choose the Uplod tab.

7. Fill in all of the requested fields: Title, Description Tags, etc. Type an interesting title and put in a breif attractive description. Make sure you choose your tags carefully of what your site is about. For those who don’t know what tags are, tags are words that link videos in a group. If your site was about cars then type in tags for cars that would gain attention such as Nissan 350z and BMW 654Ci. Make sure the tags you choose also describe your site.

8. After filling out all the fields press “Continue?.

9. Upload your video, it may take a while.

10. While your video is uploading, make sure you choose “Public? for publishing your video otherwise no one will be able to see it.

11. After your video is fully uploaded give it about 10 minutes for YouTube’s software to process your video for publishing.


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