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  • – A New Way To Improve Your Inventory?

    I just learned about and my mind turned to all of my readers who are trying to make a living selling books and such on, Ebay, or Craigslist.You know those books, cd’s, dvd’s etc. you just don’t seem to be able to sell through your normal channels? What if you could, at least, [...]

  • My Pet Peeves About MicroFinance

    Since we’re on microfinance already today, here’s a pet peeve I have about it. Jeff Cornwall at The Entrepreneurial Mind got me ranting and raving about this because of his post today on the Debate about Microfinance. I’ve discussed this previously in a post called “Microlending Goes For Profit In The Third World”  I don’t [...]

  • Micro Loan Seminars Hosted By Tennessee Small Business Development Centers

    The Tennessee Small Business Development Centers are hosting microloan information seminars across the state. Microloans are described as $5,000 or less to start or expand a business. The “microentrepreneur’s” to receive the loan own the business and have fewer than 5 employees (including themselves) and is not ordinarily eligible for commerical financing through a bank. [...]

  • He Makes Money Building Tree Houses

    From Niche Geek Roderick Romero has made a thriving business out of our love for leaves–he makes treehouses. It sounds like a gig for aspiring entrepreneurs in elementary school, but Romero isn’t building structures out of old plywood, cardboard, rope and hope. His tree homes can cost as much as $60,000, and they attract clients [...]

  • Free Exposure For Your Book On Amazon

    Steve Weber has a great article on getting Free Exposure for your niche book on Regular bookstores – even the huge ones with 100,000 titles and an espresso machine – can only hold so many books. Highly specialized titles cannot be found. This is due to the physical limitations shelf space and the cost [...]

  • Revenue Source Affiliate Marketing and SEO Forums

    Before we thought education all came from books and teachers, people learned by hanging around masters of their craft. It’s no different on the Internet. To get “real life” info from practitioners on the ‘net, check out’s Affiliate Marketing & SEO Forums Hanging around seasoned entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, and search engine optimization pros is [...]

  • Learning from Starbucks: 10 Lessons for Small Businesses

    Isabel Isidro tells how to compete with Starbucks… Be sure to read the whole article, not just these great “high points” 1. Start with a good business concept 2. Think big. 3. Think outside the box. (Example, “clustering” of stores.) 4. Partner Smart – like Barnes and Noble and Chapters in Canada. 5. Create a [...]

  • Custom Work At Home Search Engine – For The Philippines

    Alfa Mercado is using Google’s custom search engine technology to help people in the Philippines find legitimate work at home business opportunities such as “paid to blog”, transcription, etc. and to help people avoid the scams. You can see the Google custom search box at the top of her website. I’m joining the Google custom [...]

  • Seed America Helps Communities Recover From Mass Layoffs, Grow Businesses

    Seed America helps communities recover from Mass Layoffs. Their specialty could be called “making lemonade out of lemons”. Seed America takes a soon-to-be-empty or presently empty building that is both a financial drain on the company and a psychological drain on the community and helps both “move on” to greater profitability. The company receives instant [...]

  • African American Women Entrepeneurs

    Drs. Jeffrey Robinson, Sammie Robinson, and Laquita Blockson have set out on what promises to be a ground breaking study of African American Women Entrepreneurs. A working paper is available. Here’s its description. The current literature on minority entrepreneurship, women entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial growth all speak little to the unique experiences and contributions of African-American [...]