Ready, Fire, Aim applied to Websites

September 29, 2006 by Chuck | 0 Comments

I’m writing this for the small part time web publishers trying to make money online. The big guys know they need to apply enough time and capital and have the resources to produce a site per week and survive until they’re all cranking out money.

I’m writing for the solo home based business person who wanted to try to make money online.

Part time marketers just trying to get started online may understand this annoying phenomenon.

1. You decide to “make money online”

2. You decide to do “a website” (which one you don’t know but by golly we’re going to make one!)

3. You make one after doing the best keyword research you can and …

4. Basically it’s a flop for 98 pages out of 100… but 2 pages made the project “break even”.

5. You want to quit saying “It’s just not worth it”.

That may be the time to recall the statement made by Tom Peters from the book In Search of Excellence.

Sometimes the process of achieving success is not “Ready. Aim. Fire.”

Instead it’s “Ready. Fire. Aim.”

At least by finding 2 pages that made money, you learned something.

Now that your (and my) illusions about “what works” and “what doesn’t” have been refined by reality instead of theory, maybe you should focus a new website or project based on the pages that actually WORKED!

Now that you see where your “gun” can “shoot” you know more about your ability as a marksman and where to aim next time.

Maybe it’s time to set up a free blogger account to test a particular key word or phrase that seems to consistently attract visitors to your site.

If you have a site about “Labrador Retrievers” but the few pages you threw in by accident about “Chesapeak Bay Retrievers” seem to get the most visitors and revenue… Add more pages on that topic, test new ways to earn money from the pages, or start a minisite on that topic.

Ready, Fire, Aim.

Try it with websites.

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