Working From Home Keeps Interior Design Affordable

September 15, 2006 by Chuck | 0 Comments

People who’d LIKE to consult with an interior designer often don’t because of the cost.

Working from home allows Interior Designer Mary Bokovoy to keep her prices affordable according to the Tigard Times… 

“I like to first see what people can do with what they already have. Sometimes it’s just a matter of rearranging things they have to create a new look, or a fresh point to start from as we see what needs to happen in a specific room of the house,? she said in her joyful, enthusiastic voice.

Bokovoy also offers a variety of design services for small businesses and art for children working from her home office…in part to diversify her income and in part because she loves  having a variety of things to do to occupy her mind.

“I do design work from home and actually offer small businesses a great, competitive price for my services. I do logo design and can help them build a whole package. I do all of the design work and then email the client everything, and they can go to Kinko’s and print what they want.?

For more information about Mary Bokovoy Design, call 503-469-1912

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