Adsense Revenues Down Lately? This May Be The Reason… The Death of Adsense

September 13, 2006 by Chuck | 0 Comments

As you can tell at the Business Opportunities network, Dane uses Yahoo’s pay per click network quite a bit. Many other publishers seem to be making similar moves.
If the Yahoo Network has the advertising inventory for your niche, it might be a good option for you if you can get approved.

I mention that to say that this is part of a wider trend among publishers because Adsense Revenue seems to be plummeting. One of our most popular articles is about alternatives to Adsense for online revenue.
I know I’ve had to find alternatives to what were once very profitable clicks on my websites.
If you’re looking for a way to survive these changes, perhaps this public domain report will be helpful to you. It’s called The Death of Adsense. It doesn’t sell anything but it’s an informative and revealing publication about how changes at Adsense happened just as the author was about to roll out a product designed to cash in on Adsense. Hmmm. Sounds like my sort of timing. Then it begins to hint at his solution. I say hint because the second half of the report is coming out soon.

But if you don’t agree with the first part of the report, the diagnosis of the problem, you won’t care about the second part of the report either, will you?

Will it replace all your Adsense income? Hey, I’m not turning down any money from anybody.

But as in any business, it’s nice to have options.

So, to start thinking in terms of options, I strongly think you may want to consider reading The Death of Adsense

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