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August 28, 2006 by Chuck | 1 Comment

On my recent trip to New England I was amazed at the variety of home based businesses I found. One was the Edelweiss Restaurant in Staunton, VA.edeweiss.gif
While travelling up I-81 through rural Virginina, each exit offered the typical array of fast food options… none of them seemed really appealing!

Suddenly after listing a something like  a Subway and maybe another fast food option, we saw the sign for the Edelweiss. If I’d been in the desert I’d have thought I was seeing a mirage perhaps… who expected a real restaurant offering traditional German food by the Interstate.

Edelweiss couldn’t be some fast food freak show offering fast food pretzel sandwiches could it?

Thankfully no.

We found one of the best German restaurants I’ve ever been to, enjoying a mean of Beef Stroganoff topped off by some Schwarzwalder Kirshetorte (Black Forest Cake).

The restaurant was set in a fine wooden construction home that looked like something out of the Black Forest (at least to someone who’s never been there!) with a residence in back and the restaurant up front.

THey have an amazing collection of German Nutcrackers, fine food, and are friendly people who’ll even help you know if you pronounced “Schwarzwalder Kirschetorte” correctly!

What a great find for a home business writer… and anyone travelling up that stretch of I-81 craving a break from “fast food”!

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