Ebay Bans Home School Curriculum Sales

August 28, 2006 by Chuck | 0 Comments

Ebay may be cutting or their nose to spite their face by alienating the home school community. Reportedly there are 2.5 million home schooled children and the number continues to grow as people feel alienated from the public school bureaucracy.  Why ebay is sucking up to them instead of its customers is hard to imagine. It seems to be symptomatic of Ebay’s growing institutionalization and accompanying “political correctness”.

WorldNedDaily.com reports that

A new policy by Internet trading behemoth eBay that bans homeschool teachers’ texts from its auctions is prompting a tirade of complaints from the company’s faithful customers.

“Really the homeschooling community is a huge participant in eBay when you get to thinking about it,” said one customer who was identified as ”angels*wings” on an eBay blog. “We buy textbooks naturally but we also purchase items like microscopes, slides, globes, maps, manipulatives, educational games, reading books, supplies for our classrooms … stickers, idea books, folders, sheet protectors, school supplies, software, educational movies, models, post cards … the list is enormous.”

The policy, which is inclusive of all teachers’ texts, was made known recently as those who were auctioning various books watched as their postings were deleted.

Another homeschooler on the blog said she questioned eBay when her listings were cancelled.

“They told me that it fell under their heading of ‘illegal, dangerous, offensive, or potentially infringing,’” she said. “What are they thinking?

Ebay posted “multiple organizations and publishers have voiced their concern to us over such books that may only be purchased through educational institutions by teachers.”

“Where do they get off telling me that I don’t have the right to buy, sell, or own a teacher’s manual??? How could I teach my children without it???” another blogger asked.


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