How To Get Free Flyers To Promote Your Business

July 31, 2006 by Chuck | 3 Comments

Jason Hatchett tells how he got his home based business off the ground.

Here’s how you do it! Go to nice neighborhoods early Sunday morning about 5:00am and look for the newspaper boxes that are out by the road. Sometimes there under the mail boxes.

Don’t mess with the mail boxes, but you can put your flyers in the newspaper boxes, there’s no law.

My brother and I did the successfully for 3 years and no one ever told us not to. We would have 1000 flyers printed for free. How we got them free is we would put the printer’s ads on the other side. Told them how we would pass them out if they printed them, they loved it.

We tested many different colors of flyers but black ink with bright pink paper always got the best response. Don’t ask me why. One of us would drive the car; the other would roll the flyer and stuff it in the box. The reason we did it early Sunday is because most of the newspaper boxes had a newspaper in it. Then we would stick it right in the center of the newspaper. Then when they unrolled the paper our flyer was front page news. It took about 4 hours to pass out 1000 flyers this way.

But let me tell you what, Monday morning our phone was ringing off the hook. We almost always filled up the week with Monday’s calls. We did do other things besides window cleaning. E-mail me and I will send you the flyer we used, it was brilliant. If anyone wants to see the flyer just email me and I’ll be glad to send it to you.

Thank You, Jason Hatchett

Editor’s note: Here is the link to the flyer he used…

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