How to Easily Appear In a National Magazine

June 21, 2006 by Chuck | 0 Comments

As yesterday’s article Online Bikini Auction Reveals Too Much noted, at times it’s terribly easy to get publicity, but it may NOT be the kind of publicity you want.

You might be able to get your own positive listing … even a small blurb can bring significant increases in traffic and sales.

David Frey related one of his recent experiences in his ezine…

How would you like to have your own advertisement appear in a national magazine with a huge circulation?

Imagine what that could potentially do for your business.

Well, it’s not only possible, but it’s very simple to do.

There’s a little marketing tactic that anyone reading this newsletter can do that can get you some national exposure in major magazines and newspapers.

It’s called an “op-ed.”

An op-ed is an editorial space in a magazine or newspaper where that publication gives you an opportunity to express your opinion on a topic that they recently covered.

Hence, “op” = opinion and “ed” = editorial.

You’ve probably read them before but never knew how easy they were to appear in.
While reading Inc. magazine, I came across a franchisor that was having trouble. In my opinion, it stemmed from his inferior marketing system. I decided to write Inc magazine to share my opinion with them. So I shot off an email to the publication.

Less than a few days later I received an email asking for permission to publish my opinion.

Sure enough…they did. Here is a copy of my op-ed that was published in Inc Magazine…

Inc Magazine Op Ed piece

When it came out I noticed a sharp increase in traffic and subscriptions to my newsletter.

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