Archive for June 21st, 2006

  • AOL Refuses To Cancel Dead Woman’s Account

    It’s not bad enough that the poor woman’s dead, she keeps getting charged for her AOL account. They simply refuse to cancel the account without speaking to her personally. “Till death do us part” may apply to marriage, but with AOL,buddy, you’re hooked for life AND DEATH! That’s one way to keep subscribers. It may [...]

  • Overcoming Writer’s Block

    No matter what your business – big corporation or work at home mom -  if you are hoping for free search engine traffic, you will want to produce content that’s unique to your business and in copious amounts for blogs, press releases, sales copy, catalogs, etc… Suddenly you can turn your words into money … [...]

  • Work At Home Moms Considered Dangerous “Brain Drain”

    The New York Times reported the other day that big corporations like Ernst and Young and Lehman Brothers are concerned about the loss of women in their workforces. The lure of raising children is taking away some of corporate America’s “best and brightest”. These firms are taking steps to communicate that they are more “family [...]

  • How to Easily Appear In a National Magazine

    As yesterday’s article Online Bikini Auction Reveals Too Much noted, at times it’s terribly easy to get publicity, but it may NOT be the kind of publicity you want. You might be able to get your own positive listing … even a small blurb can bring significant increases in traffic and sales. David Frey related one of [...]

  • Women Denied Right To Work At Home in UK

    Could you be working from home? In the EU it’s a right to have your telecommuting or work from home request “seriously considered” by an employer.  From Freelance UK A fresh probe into the adoption of flexible work practices says two thirds of mothers – 10 per cent more than men – have had an [...]

  • Small Outfits Use Word of Mouth Better

    Think your home or small business is too small to profit using low cost ad techniques? Small outfits actually use Word of Mouth BETTER and here’s proof. And of course if the FREE advertising doesn’t work for your home based business, the expensive stuff usually won’t work either! From Womnibus Weekly Small companies do a [...]