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  • Google Checkout: A Nightmare For

    Is Google Checkout the worst nightmare can face? I doubt it. Not today at least. Google checkout will be focused on merchants with volume, not the ebayers using PayPal. So will it trounce because suddenly one zillion merchants searchable by Google’s vast technology can produce a better shopping experience with the same convenience [...]

  • New Trends In Online Traffic

    Can you promote your products or services by talking yourself and your business up on one of these outlets that have high word of mouth credibility? From the Washington Post While growth is slowing at most top Internet sites, it is skyrocketing at sites focused on social networking, blogging and local information. The dramatic success [...]

  • 202 Services You Can Sell For Big Profits Working From Home

    For some people the ideal home based business is not a product, but a service. Here James Stephenson introduces you to 202 potentially lucrative services that could prove to be the vehicle you need to move ahead in creating that home based business. The best thing about marketing a service from home is that once [...]

  • Aspiring Financial Writers Can Earn Big Cash! $5,000

    Aspiring Financial Writers can earn big cash. Here’s a lead that crossed my desk from Dan Poynter of BCC, Inc. ( is seeking seasoned market researchers/WRITERS who are capable of preparing complete, self-contained technical/economic market research reports discussing niches in most PHYSICAL or LIFE SCIENCE sectors of the economy including: biotechnology, chemicals, healthcare, technical [...]

  • Announces New Affiliate Tools

    We mentioned a third party tool recently, Cafepress announces another third party tool for Typepad Bloggers: For TypePad bloggers there is an easy to use TypePad Widget* for you to add TopicAds right to your TypePad blog. More info can be found here… And for those of you have problems posting javascript code [...]

  • Top 5 Challenges For Government Grant Writers

    Some people’s “business” is in the so-called “Non profit” sector so called. Grants are a major source of income. Grant writing can be a lucrative work at home business and compensation is usually a percentage of the revenues won (how that’s so when every penny is supposed to be accounted for by a tangible service [...]

  • Teachers Pay Teachers is a new website that allows educators who’ve invested their personal time creating curriculum and teaching materials that work and have proven it in their classrooms can now profit from their hard work. Often educators are torn. They love teaching. They are innovative. They invest long after school hours to develop the materials they [...]

  • Ebay Share Price Falls – What’s It Mean To You?

    Ebay shares are in the news because share prices are taking it on the chin according to outlets like Schaeffer Research. Why? Competitors like Google are unveiling potential rivals to ebay subsidiaries like PayPal. The stock’s price has degraded sharply since it’s Initial Public Offering. The 70,000+ people reportedly using eBay to make money will [...]

  • – Exploit Empty Air Time

    There have always been deals cut to sell empty advertising space and empty air time at the last minute. Once the publisher goes to press or the air time passes any opportunity to generate revenue is gone. So even ads sold at a deep discount give the media outlets more than they’d otherwise make. These [...]

  • Broker Wins $18 Millions For Sales Manual Theft

    The Philadelphia Business Journal reports that a Philadelphia Insurance Brokerage won an $18 million dollar copyright infringement lawsuit against a competitor and former employee. The former employee had taken proprietary sales manuals and copied them for his new company while removing language that mentioned his previous employer. He had also distributed the manual to all [...]