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Andy Wibbels 

Andy Wibbels is the evangelist for blogging to the small  business community 

From the Seattle Times

Without his blog, Chicagoan Andy Wibbels never would have written a book.

Wibbels, 31, who writes a blog that teaches blogging for small businesses  was contacted by an editor who had been reading his blog.

The editor was from publishing giant Penguin.

“Out of the blue, without an agent, without a book proposal, the editor contacted me and asked if I would like to write a book,” Wibbels recalled.

That book came out in April. It’s called “Blog Wild! A Guide for Small Business Blogging” , and it’s a quick, relatively low-tech guide to blogging for small companies.

“A blog can become your main Web site. And you don’t have to use a designer on retainer.” Bye-bye, IT guy.

The blog format can be used to organize your company’s services, testimonials and other corporate information. And because blogs use predesigned templates, professional design is not necessary.

Strengthen brand and relationships: “You’re able to show your passion for your business,” Wibbels said. “It’s why Microsoft is having its people blog.

“IT has helped consumers see beyond this monolithic brand, and see the people who make this technology. And they’re excited about it.”

Improved search-engine positioning: Because blogs are updated far more often than most Web sites, which are static, they enjoy higher rankings for relevant keywords on search engines like Google.

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