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Woody Quiñones

I used to help sponsor MLM trade shows and recently helped a friend with his trade show for a home inventory business.

What you’ve got to do is reach out beyond the booth and engage the passers by or have something that sucks them in to your booth towards a sale… not just for free stuff.

I would ask home inventory prospects… “Have you ever had to file an insurance claim that wasn’t a nightmare?”

That’d get them saying things like “H___ no!” and they were instantly involved emotionally.

Here’s what Woody has to say about it…

From Woody Quiñones’

What is the most important part of showing at a trade show? Well I know that the first thing I worry about is the trade show promotion. I want to know how I am going to draw people to my booth and how the organizers will draw them to the show in the first place. Trade show promotion, in the end, is all a trade show really is. Without it, there are no people and without people there is no point in being there. Also, if you can’t draw the people to your booth, it doesn’t matter how many are at the show in the first place, now does it?

There are a number of trade show promotions you can do to make sure your booth is going to get traffic at the show. The first thing you can do is get a copy of the show attendance list from the previous year. Then, you can send targeted pre-show mailings to prospects as part of your own trade show promotion. Let them know about your company, what you are offering, and who the people will be at your booth that can help them. Then, to make sure you don’t get lost in the shuffle upon their arrival, enclose a map of the trade show floor with directions on where your exhibit will be in the space. Hook them with what you have and who can help then aid them in getting there to help your personal booth trade show promotion.

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