Google Page Maker Beta Review

March 22, 2006 by Chuck | 0 Comments


Google’s new page maker (beta) is an excellent, free web based page design tool…

No downloading a page maker program.

No need to save things… it saves automatically.

No complicated publishing process… just one click.

WYSIWYG editing online (“What you see is what you get”)

No html required, though you can edit the HTML if you wish.

A wide variety of templates are here for you to choose – from plain vanilla to slightly less plain vanilla!
(These templates make blogger templates look “wild and crazy”!)

Best of all – for now at least – no annoying ads like Yahoo’s or other “free” pages.

Storage capacity is 100 mb and you can upload a variety of files… like images, pdf files, etc.

Your web address is going to be your gmail name at


Right now, access is still limited.

But if you want a website name related to a keyword, you’ll have to get a gmail account in that name, sign up, and home to hear back sometime soon.

I was on the waiting list several weeks (since my first post on this topic).

This type of website would be excellent for personal websites, small businesses, virtual assistants, etc.

If you’re using blogger to generate sales and leads, then you could use your google page for storing images, pdf files, and other support items for your business… like brochures, etc.

If you’re trying to make money giving away free ebooks this is an excellent place to host those free ebooks.

It would be possible to buy a domain name someplace like and simply redirect it to this site and use it for many business purposes.

And perhaps Google will get in the domain selling game one day too… who knows?

Personally, I think this is another bid by Google to keep ahead of the pack on the fresh content and non duplicated content front… so perhaps these web pages will rank as well as some blogger templates do in the search engines.

It will be nice to see how they tweak it… some simple forms would be nice so folks could email you a question for example.

We’ll see how it develops…

If you’re using a Google page for your own business, please let us know. We’d like to see what you’re doing.

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