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  • 10 Free Home Business Ideas!

    To thank you for reading my blog, here’s Ten Free Home Business Ideas It briefly covers… 1. Start Your Own Niche Newspaper 2. Profit With Accident Guides 3. Niche Discount Cards 4. Start A Follow Up Service 5. Sell Used Computers 6. Start A Welcome Service 7. Distribute Free Greeting Cards 8. Publish Daycare Yearbooks [...]

  • Cancer Survivor Starts Home Wig Business

    From NY1… Most women say one of the most devastating and challenging parts of dealing with cancer is losing their hair. In the following report, NY1 Health & Fitness reporter Kafi Drexel has more on what someone who’s been through it herself is doing to help. You might want to call her “the Avon lady” [...]

  • What To Do If You’re Broke & Need Money Fast

    I am without a car, have access to this computer in the library, am semi retired with little savings..$500 or so … wanted to ask your opinions on alternatives for me to make some money and get out of this situation…. Don Alm at SowPub answers… 1.Go to Walmart and get the following: Plastic Bucket [...]

  • 20% of Net Users Read Blogs?

    Want to have an online business? It should probabably have a blog component. 20% of Internet users read blogs it appears…to get their information from sources whose view point they find similat to theif own.

  • 7 Ways To Boost Web Visibility

    From Start Up Nation Here are seven web visibility-boosting tips: 1. Put in the time to research what keywords make sense for your site, and build out a solid list to work from when you update your content. 2. Write titles and descriptions that are clear, factual and free of excessive superlatives (best, cheapest, biggest), [...]