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Here’s a free sample of Bill Stoller’s publicity newsletter

Here’s an excerpt from today’s ezine…

Make Yourself a Hometown Hero – Make Your Website a Local Resource

If your business draws its clientele from a specific town, city or region, focusing your energy on getting an elusive national publicity hit may be overkill, especially when getting publicity where you need it — in your home town — is often so much easier.

In the last 4 issues, we discussed how to write an ongoing column in your local paper, working with your local business editor, conducting a no-cost seminar, and partnering with a local politician. Here’s our final time-tested technique:

Make Your Website a Local Resource

Chances are, you or your client already have a website. Why not devote part of it to your community? Set up a local message board to discuss topics relating to your field. Have a local “Ask the Expert” section where community members can get advice.

Provide local news, sports or weather. Donate part of your site to a local organization (e.g. offer to post youth soccer scores and news), donate part of a given day’s web-based sales to local charity. The possibilities are endless, so be creative and, oh yeah, be sure to tell the local media about what you’re doing!

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