The Perils of Government Contracting For Home Businesses

January 31, 2006 by Chuck | 0 Comments

You’ve no doubt seen the Lesko commercials (and others) telling how to “get rich” with government grants.

Those opportunities are rare at best – I’m beginning to wonder if they even exist.

But state and government service contracts do exist… normally your state or federal representative can help you identify them.

But there’s a downside.

I know a social worker who works from their home.

This person drives to client’s homes to do social work.

They’re paid a gross fee per hour from which they deduct all their expenses.

Though the state has continually cut back the hours per case that are allowable, added more paperwork per case, and generally been a pain in the backside to deal with, it was “livable”.

That’s until they stopped paying.

All invoices are 6 months behind.

Evidently, one person at the state house is responsible for authorizing payment and for whatever reason it’s not being done.

So the social workers who were earning a living this way are going bankrupt and losing their houses.

For the little guy at least the phrase “lucrative government contract” may be as much an oxymoron as “military intelligence”.

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