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  • Trilogy Online Is Morphing In The New Year

    In 2007 is transforming into Trilogy Online with a new website to be unveiled January 1st. Previously reps were marketing Healthy Pet products and Zone Net through separate sites. With Dr. Barry Sears consolidating his marketing efforts into a single channel, Trilogy is going to offer 3 product lines through one web site for [...]

  • Work Is Making Way For Family Life – What Will 2007 Hold?

    Work is making way for family life according to the Washington Times. Working at home, split positions, telecommuting and flex time are taking some of the bite out of the 9 to 5 grind. Individuals and their employers are realizing that “an unbalanced work and family life can significantly increase the odds of marital instability [...]

  • Free – Mom’s Massive Marketing Manual -116 No Cost, Low Cost Marketing Tips!

    I was surfing the net the other day and found Darlene Hull’s huge manual helping home based businesses improve their marketing. It’s 116 free or low cost marketing methods. Half are offline and half are online. Even Dad’s can use these tools for promoting any product, service, or business opportunity. I believe she’s right when [...]

  • Immigrants In Israel Snub Local Employers & Telecommute

    As many as 20% to 30% of English Speaking immigrants to Israel never work for local employers. Instead they commute or – increasingly – telecommute according to What jobs are they doing instead of blending into the local economy? Marketing, editing and graphic design according to unofficial guesstimates. This is great for the immigrants [...]

  • Brokers Content Pages brokers content pages that actually are helpful to readers (not just easily de-indexed search engine bait) that also happen to link one way to your website and, hopefully, predispose someone to purchase your product or service. This service allows you to receive high quality exposure on sites that are valued for their content… as [...]

  • Cute Little Story – One Entrepreneur’s Dream

    Cute Little Store documents the real life story of one entrepreneur’s transition from astrophysicist to business owner. Though business ownership isn’t “rocket science”, there were quite a few things she didn’t know about running a business – even after reading all the “how to start and run a business” books. Adeena Mignogna is an aerospace [...]

  • $20.65 Billion In Online Sales – 25% Increase

    ONLINE SALES UP. The first 48 days of the holiday season, November 1 through December 18, amounted to $20.65 billion spent online. That’s a 25 percent increase over the first 48 days in 2005. See ClickZ Thanks to Dan Poynter

  • Google Hiring Technical Writers

    Are you a high quality technical writer? You may be Google material! Technical Writer, Partner Solutions Organization – Mountain View This position is based in Mountain View, CA. Google’s Partner Solutions Organization seeks an outstanding Technical Writer to document Google products and services for partners who are integrating Google technology into their websites and products. [...]

  • AGLOCO’s Economic Potential

    I’ve been blogging off and on about AGLOCO – that stands for “A Global Community” if you’re wondering (I was). Home Business Today Blog has written about it’s Economic Potential and I thought you’d find it interesting. Did you know that when you sign up for AGLOCO and use their tool bar which becomes available [...]

  • Mailbox: I’m Interested In Working At Home…

    I got this email the other day. I’ve seen it in one form or another most days. I find it especially difficult to answer. I’m interesting to work from home & I really like to find my option, most of the sites that checked were a scam sites, I’m looking something real that I can [...]