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December 27, 2005 by Chuck | 2 Comments

I always look forward to reading Skip’s latest ideas. I find them excellent food for work at home thought.

Here’s his latest email.

Time and Money.

If you put your money in the bank you will earn a couple percent interest on it by next year.

But if you put your money in Christmas products on the day AFTER Christmas you can make 10 times your investment next year.

Nothing losses it value like Christmas items on Dec. 26 except for Easter Candy the day after Easter.

I heard of a woman that bought $10,000 dollars worth of Christmas light sets from K-Mart for pennies on the dollar and sold them back to K-Mart the following year for 4 time what she paid for them.

(Maybe that’s why K-Mart went bankrupt.)

You can do this for any seasonal items and make money all year long.

Be sure to check out the new membership site Skip is unveiling for the new year.

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