Start A Fad – or Cash in on one – With Wrist Bands

December 13, 2005 by Chuck | 2 Comments

Custom Wrist Bands

Here’s a way to capitalize on fads – or, start your own.

Want to burn a website into people’s minds?

Want to capitalize on a trend?

Maybe wrist bands are in your future.

The Awristocrat’s Fully Customized Silicone Bracelets are produced with 100% silicone rubber. They are an inexpensive tool for raising awareness, raising funds, and even raising brand recognition. Schools, churches, non-profit organizations, small businesses, large corporations, wholesalers, discounters, retailers, and even individuals are all using The Awristocrat’s silicone bracelets and key chains in their fund raising, awareness raising, corporate promotions, and, of course, in pursuit of the All-American Capitalist ideal, pure profit! Our clients have been wonderfully successful in their efforts and The Awristocrat is confident that you will dup

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