Poynter’s Pithy Primer Prods Procrastinating Potential Publishers

December 9, 2005 by Chuck | 0 Comments

Dan Poytner’s new book is Writing Non Fiction: Turning Thoughts Into Books.

It’s an excellent tool for aspiring non fiction writers who want to see their ideas transformed into a money and prestige generating book.

In Dan’s typical style, there are pointers (no pun intended!) on every page.

Hundreds of useful weblinks dot the pages of this book along with some amazing insider facts that were completely new to me…

On page 51, Dan tells how to dial an automated line of a major book ware house to receive “live” data on how well books related to your niche actually sell before you spend time writing!

On page 58, why the character count in your title should NEVER exceed 92!

On page 84 Dan tells show a supposedly reputable publisher lazily let deadly medical information be published for a second time after repeated warnings from the author… a great reason to SELF publish!

Why you should stay in one field (p 46) even if you “think” you only have one book inside you… and how to turn that book into your own personal “publishing empire”… it’s easy once the first book is published.

How and why to by-pass the tradtiional book store market.

I could go on and on.

Anyone aspiring to sell a product or service… or who simply has a passion for a particular field should waste NO TIME in consulting Dan Poytner’s latest, easy to read book.

Your only regret – once you’ve become an author – is that you didn’t do it sooner!

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