SalesWarrior on Selling in the Snow

November 29, 2005 by Chuck | 1 Comment

Sales Warrior was telling me about when he went selling in the snow.

For him, a real salesman works smart and doesn’t even let a blizzard stop them.

It’s a good less for most of us who let any discouragement slam the breaks on.

Seems that Sales Warrior flew into a town trying to find locations for bank ATM’s.

The job paid $250 for each retail location that was “signed, sealed, and delivered”.

Just one problem.

After getting into the city, it’s hit by a snow storm.

Hard to hit the streets that day.

So Sales Warrior hits the phones and does canvassing by telephone.

He finds people who are open for business, have no customers to speak of and are willing to see the guy who can get them some more revenue.

He rents a Four Wheel Drive.

The snow storm makes them realize they could use an extra few hundred bucks per month from dead space in their store for “blizzard insurance” for the days they can’t sell much.

He signs up 5 buisnesses and generates $250 each… $1250.

His boss calls him and asks if he’s just going to rent a room.

“Are you kidding? I’m on the way home! I just signed up five buinesses!”

Good lesson. Keep selling. Work smart. Turn disadvantage into sales.

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