SalesWarrior Says: “You Can’t Sell Friends”

November 23, 2005 by Chuck | 1 Comment

Over breakfast the other day, SalesWarrior, threw out this gem:

You can’t sell friends!

If I want a friend, I’ll find them at home or on the golf course!

And I won’t be trying to sell them anything!

Sure, friends have bought from me, but I never tried to sell them. I don’t want my friends to think about me and think ‘Oh, no! What’s he going to sell us next!’

I don’t believe in sales organizations that tell you to sign up your friends and family.

“Why?” I asked…I sensed there was something besides the embarassment factor at work.

It’s a disservice to them because they never get the information they need about the product. They’re never given a full presentation of the products benefits. The so-called presentation always jumps to the price and the sales person telling them the “break” they’re going to give their friend without the friend really ever hearing the benefits of the product. So they never get the information they need to know if the product is any good or not. So even if a transaction occurs, the buyer never gets the full satisfaction they should because they’ve never been educated by a professional sales presentation. It all just went to price.

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  • Alan on December 17th, 2005 at 12:29 am

    I have a lot of friend sales managers. At the beggining of their carrier they tried to sell me stuff. I firmly rejected from their service and now I appreciate that they learnt to deffirentiate work and lasiure.

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