Do You Have A 90 Day Plan To Financial Freedom?

November 10, 2005 by Chuck | 0 Comments

This is from the Mastermind forum thanks to Dien Rice

90 Day Plan of Actions

- Play “CHSHFLOW 101″ board game

- Determine your Financial Freedom Gap (Expense – Passive Income)
- Average monthly expense
- Monthly passive income

- Determine your net worth
- Assets
- Unproductive assets
- Liability

- Open an “investment” account
- You are to deposite 10% to 20% of your income to this account every month
- You cannot touch the money in this account for the next 5 years
- Move your current saving into this account

- Generates $200 in passive income

- Review your finance with your spouse

* This can be a very easy assignment or it can be the most difficult assignment. It is up to you!

Do you think it’s that easy or is he leaving something out?


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