Archive for November 9th, 2005

  • Court Rulings Against Blackberry May Hurt Some Telecommuters

    If your commute to work is no farther than your Blackberry PDA, you could be in a wee bit of danger of service interruption. From The Miami Herald Listen up, CrackBerry addicts. That’s the nickname for those who can’t stop checking e-mail on their BlackBerry devices, which essentially combine a computer with a cellphone. An [...]

  • Million Dollar Website has low ball knock off competition.

    The Million Dollar Home Page where a british student hoping to scrape together some bucks for higher education decided to sell the pixels of his home page for a $1 a piece has already gotten some imitators. Google likes it and has given it a Page Rank of 7. This one, has no page [...]

  • Ambatch Produces Free ClickBank RSS Feeds has taken the ClickBank database of electronic products and services and made them available for the first time as RSS feeds. RSS feeds can create html displayable content that’s updated on a frequent basis in order to keep the search engines happy (until the next algorithm change at least). Ambatch allows you to put [...]

  • Work At Home Phenomenon Helps Changing The Australian Bush

    In the article “Why We’re Going Bush” , The Australian outlines how they plan to cover the way the internet is revitalizing “The Bush” with work at home and telecommuting types becoming as prevalent as those making their living “off the land”. CONTRARY to the widespread belief that the bush is dying, Australia’s non-metropolitan population [...]

  • USPS Makes Mailing Simple

    Yesterday I talked about using offline “direct” marketing techniques to boost web traffic. I think the “mailing house” of choice for this… if you have your list or rent one … may suprise you. The US Postal Service! Yes. Their main page is very “busy” so you might have missed the “Send Cards, Letters, and [...]