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  • Lawmakers Rally For Teleworkers

    From Network World While gas prices have fallen from $3-per-gallon highs in September to pre-Hurricane Katrina levels, the national average is still $2.37 per gallon – up 38 cents over last year, said Rep. Jon Porter (R-Nev.), who also is chairman of the Congressional subcommittee on the federal workforce and agency organization. “That increase has [...]

  • Marketing Offline Can Boost Online Business

    From Jill Hart Besides the common local advertising routes, such as Newspaper Ads, Yellow Pages, Etc., another effective (and inexpensive) way to advertise locally is to post business related flyers around your community. Many grocery stores, libraries, bookstores, and office supply stores offer bulletin boards for this purpose. Make yours stand out and be recognized, [...]

  • Are You Losing Money With Google Adwords?

    Are you losing money with Adwords? It seems cheap to start at a few pennies per click, but before you know it, you can be hundreds of dollars in the hole. The “Content Network” is especially tricky. While your ads aren’t stopped because of low click through, how do you know if your ad got [...]

  • Online Newsletters vs Offline Newsletters… The Pros and Cons

    From David Frey’s ezine Online newsletters are awesome marketing vehicles, BUT there are several drawbacks to an online newsletter. – Drawback # 1 Getting your online newsletter delivered is getting a lot harder to do. In fact, I would say that up to 50% of my newsletters are NOT delivered. (Yikes!) – Drawback # 2 [...]

  • 115 Priceless Marketing Case Studies – Limited Free Access

    Gary North is making available 115 Marketing Case Studies on his site. Based on his email yesterday, these case studies will be free until December 4th. These case studies can, for the most part, be adapted to any small or local business. The 115 case studies range from direct mail secrets, to yellow page strategies, [...]

  • From High Tech To High Touch

    As society goes “hi tech”, the backlash is the consumer’s growing demand for “high touch” … high service, personalized, sales and service. Watch for more direct selling of consumer goods with high enough pricing structures to allow sales people to make a living selling them directly. From via Ty Tribble on the MLM Blog: [...]

  • Beating “SAD” Seasonal Affective Disorder In Your Home Business

    If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, winter’s descending and the dreary days can spell Cabin Fever for your work at home business. Some people call the syndrome “Seasonal Affective Disorder”… dimished full spectrum light leading to diminished happy feelings. It always seem to strike worse when working at home. Cris Zimmerman points readers to an [...]

  • SalesWarrior on Selling in the Snow

    Sales Warrior was telling me about when he went selling in the snow. For him, a real salesman works smart and doesn’t even let a blizzard stop them. It’s a good less for most of us who let any discouragement slam the breaks on. Seems that Sales Warrior flew into a town trying to find [...]

  • Climate Change Offers Business Opportunities

    Climate changes happen and they don’t have to be the end of the world… otherwise why is a place covered by an ice sheet called “Green Land”? Responding to such changes can be profitable and – for the successful entrepreneur – highly satisfying. As the expert they quote notes, most of the doomsayers have no [...]

  • UK- Entrepreneurship on the Rise

    From Britons are becoming increasingly driven toward starting up, as a new poll shows growing numbers of young people say they would like to run their own business. Research from Norwich Union for Your Business reveals that just over eight in 10 people between the ages of 19 and 30 say they would or [...]