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  • Catching The Mp3 Wave

    Like many folks I suppose, I got an iPod for Christmas… and like many it’s still in the box while I get some time to figure out how to set it up! And then comes the question… what do I play on it? With a 20 gig hard drive it can hold 5000 songs. But [...]

  • Legitimate Home Business Opportunities for “Normal Moms”

    From Jesper Werenskjold’s Work at Home Journal via Ty Tribble… by: Suzanne Doyle-Ingram I am a normal, work from home mom, who started my own home business working from home. This article will show you how you, too, can be a work from home mom. After I gave birth to our first baby, Hana, I [...]

  • Mark Yarnell Releases New MLM Report

    Mark Yarnell is an MLM Legend. His fame comes from his days with NuSkin, but he’s been involved in several ventures since then. Best Selling author, Mark Yarnell announces that his first publication in a new six part series of reports called the Millionaire Master Plan will be distributed free to the public via the [...]

  • Do You Make These Common Advertising Mistakes?

    Here’s an ad from Craigslist. Do you notice any problems with it? FREE Special Report: How to Get Out of Foreclosure If you are facing foreclosure (even if you have received a foreclosure notice) We can help. We will send you our FREE Special Report entitled “How to Get Out of Foreclosure.” No Operator will [...]

  • Free Card Matrix Announces Phase 2

    I’ve been tracking Free Card Matrix. One of their distributors sent this info about their “Phase 2″ where income is based on a percentage of the charges not just the distribution fees ordinarily paid to “place” the cards in your wallet. He orginally posted it as a comment but I wanted to move it to [...]

  • Bill of Attainders & Home Business

    As I read news articles about local towns banning home businesses, my mind keeps wandering back to long forgotten school days when we studied the US Constitution. There we learned about something unconstitutional… a “Bill of Attainder” which you can read about here or at Wikipedia. Such bills were passed to allow the state to [...]

  • Yummy Profits From A Cookie Site

    Here’s Bonnie Low’s yummy website about cookies made with XSitePro. To learn the mechanics of this site, go to the sitemap and you’ll see a well designed site with plenty of content related to – cookies. It’s monetized by affiliate links, Google adsense for content and search, and other affiliate links.

  • A Free Business Idea From Skip Rosell

    I always look forward to reading Skip’s latest ideas. I find them excellent food for work at home thought. Here’s his latest email. Time and Money. If you put your money in the bank you will earn a couple percent interest on it by next year. But if you put your money in Christmas products [...]

  • It’s In The Mail?

    If you use mail for marketing or fulfillment, expect some hassles this holiday season. Here are some things I’ve run into personally. 1. Two sisters who live together in the same house in the next state, mailing their separate Christmas cards to my wife on the same day to the same address from the same [...]

  • Voice Mail Profits – Still Doable?

    Don Alm reminisces about using voice mail a few years back to allow businesses to reach interested customers. Because I like to be “on the field of battle” and “rap” with people in ALL types of careers I was asked by a couple of real estate agents if I knew of a way they could [...]