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Diversifying Home Based Consultant Income with Specialty Salesforce Training

October 9, 2013 by Chuck | 0 Comments

Home based consultants can make a decent part time or full time income if they have a good client base. In the age of the “part time gig”, many people will see their need to obtain “consultant fees” increase to make a good living.

While consultants are hired to train “soft skills” like customer service and other “touchy feely” subjects, increasingly it pays to be able to help people navigate software products and other technology that are intended to maximize the value of existing sales and customer relationship skills. While companies can save a certain amount of money by going “lean” and building that sort of culture, by the end of the day, they also must maximize the customer relationship. That’s where a skill like helping a company sales force squeeze the most value out of a software solution like “” comes into play.

If you say to yourself, “I don’t know how I’d even start offering such a service!” then you’ll be happy to know there are companies who can train home based consultants to be trainers in these fields.

Here’s a message I received about one such opportunity for Salesforce training.

As a consultant, I’ve worked from home the past 6 years, even through the recession. Even during that time I was making at least $60/hr.

Starting salaries for employed consultants are typically $30-60/hr, depending on your region, and independent consultants who sign their own clients often make several times those amounts. If you have had an interest in expanding your career options by adding a practical technology proficiency to your skill set, System Administration is where many non-technical people find their opportunity.

Here’s a special offer for our readers:

Visit to learn more about online training you can take to gain the skills you need to do the work. Use the following coupon code to save $50 on the online video training course price: aspiratech199

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Aspiretech for offering this special discount to our readers! For more information these special offers see our “about” page.

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Free Online Image Editor

September 12, 2013 by Chuck | 0 Comments

Free Online Image Editor

Whether for fun or profit sometimes you need to use an image editor.

This happened to me the other day when I drew a picture, went to my copier and scanned the image and emailed it to myself.

Unfortunately it sent me an image and something was wrong. For whatever reason I couldn’t open it.

I rescanned the image as a PDF and learned two things.

I could open the acrobat reader and “Take a Snapshot” and get an image I could cut and paste into Word. Didn’t know that.

Unfortunately it had a crummy line across the top for some reason.

How to get rid of it?

I’ uploaded the resulting GIF file from Acrobat to

I cropped the image and turned it into a nice png file at the same time.

Fast, easy, cool.

Nice little image editor!

Join the Discussion: Click here to get more info or share your experiences!

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What Kind of Web Pages Constitute Spam for Google?

September 9, 2013 by Chuck | 1 Comment

Google Spam

Internet marketers desperately want to get their pages indexed by Google and, in turn, get traffic and sales.

To do that the first step is to have a web page that Google doesn’t consider SPAM.

Thankfully Google at least gives some insight as to what they manually remove from their index.  I’ll let you see the link and then comment on it:

You’ll have to scroll down to see some sample pages they remove … and these pages change all the time!

Spam sites attempt to game their way to the top of search results through techniques like repeating keywords over and over, buying links that pass PageRank or putting invisible text on the screen. This is bad for search because relevant websites get buried, and it’s bad for legitimate website owners because their sites become harder to find. The good news is that Google’s algorithms can detect the vast majority of spam and demote it automatically. For the rest, we have teams who manually review sites.

A few minutes ago (it’s not there now) I saw one of those sites that you get when you type a phone number into Google to see who called you.  Why had it been removed… I have no idea. It looked like 1000 other of those sites! So there’s still a bit of mystery involved (hey, otherwise it wouldn’t be Google!).

Some are obviously spam just to the naked eye. Others may have things going on off page or hidden to the human eye.

HT: Internet Marketing Q&A Forum

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Advertise your business for free with IM Guru Jon Leger

September 7, 2013 by Chuck | 0 Comments

It’s not every day that an internet marketing expert allows complete strangers to put their advertisements on one of his websites without charging anything.

But if you’re looking for a place to advertise your business for free that is actually WORTH SOMETHING, then this is an opportunity you’ll definitely consider checking out.

With 16 Years experience ranking websites and getting traffic, Jon Leger knows a thing or two about online marketing.

Jon Leger

His new “Internet Marketing Q&A” site is buzzing with activity and is filled with both great questions, but a high level of solid information that many internet “newbies” pay dearly for otherwise! With such constant activity, it’s going to get alot of attention from the search engines and also alot of real people looking for answers and – incidentally – clicking relevant advertisements.

If you’re marketing anything having to do with Internet Marketing or SEO… you could be missing hundreds of dollars of free advertising by not having a presence there.

So how does this new program work?

First, there’s no money involved! That’s always good!

Second, you join the forum as a member yourself.

Third, you get “free advertising credits” every time you ASK or ANSWER a question or refer someone who does. If you have your own website, you can also earn these advertising credits (called JL Points) whenever visitors to YOUR WEBSITE click an ad from Jon’s site (full details in your account page).

Fourth you submit your own ad and “redeem” these credits every time someone clicks your ad.

Fifth, once your ad is approved… it goes live and is shown to hundreds of forum participants you might otherwise pay hundreds of dollars to reach. For about the equivalent of 10 cents per click, you could be having dozens of new buyers investigate your offers!

What’s the catch? There are a few small “catches” worth noting upfront…

1. You have to earn points somehow… either by asking questions or answering them.  Or by sending traffic to his site someway. It’s pretty straightforward “sweat equity” but for people who want to “get rich quick” or get free advertising just for waking up this morning… even that will seem too hard.

2.  Your advertisement must have something to do with Internet Marketing or Search Engine Optimization.  There’s no use advertising “Free Kittens” here… or much else. The people at this kind of website are 100% interested in internet marketing and search engine optimization.  So don’t waste their time or yours trying to market anything else.  That makes as much sense as marketing “self defense lessons” to “pacifists”!

3. Your ad has to meet their simple guidelines that most advertising sites have.

That’s it.

It’s fair and straightforward.

If you want to advertise your internet marketing or SEO business for free… you can now do so with someone who has years of experience and who is an expert at building traffic to his websites. These are visitors who could NOW be clicking your ads!

Join here to Advertise Your Business for Free!

This could just be the best way to advertise your business for free online in a long time!


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Online Marketing Tools – How To Get The Best For Free!

September 5, 2013 by Chuck | 0 Comments

There’s no question that proper online marketing tools are extremely valuable for your business… whether you’re selling online to anyone in the world or simply operating a local marketing campaign for a “brick and mortar” operation.

Such tools allow you to automate key elements of your outreach strategy. Whether you’re interested to know how large an audience is available to buy your specialized ebook or how many people search for restaurants monthly in Houston, these online marketing resources save you hours and hours of mind numbing work sifting through raw data so you can actually get to work selling after identifying the potential of your “niche”.

Jon Leger

While it’s usually an oxymoron to search for the “best free seo software” or “best affiliate marketing software” because the “good stuff” isn’t “free” occasionally it’s possible to get top rated online marketing tools without putting out cash and – essentially – in exchange for your “sweat equity”.

If you’ve been around internet marketing any length of time, you can probably see why you’d like to get these tools without paying a dime:

Here’s how that works – and, oddly enough, this sweat equity approach can actually give you hours of free training along the way as well.

1. Sign up as a member of this  Free Forum called “Internet Marketing Q&A” sponsored by the painfully honest Jon Leger (who created all the above affiliate marketing software). There is absolutely no cost to join.

2. Just fill out your profile and earn points.

3. Ask questions and earn points.

4. Answer questions you can and earn points.

5. Refer other people who want to obtain these marketing tools and you earn points when they do.

6. For every point you earn, you get more and more credits you can redeem towards the best free seo software around.

But perhaps more importantly – even people who NEVER care about getting these free internet marketing tools are getting free information from folks who have tested many strategies and who have put their own money on the line and they are sharing their good and bad experiences without cost to complete “newbies”.

Find out in advance if that “latest greatest” info someone is trying to sell you really helps or whether it’s just more baloney!

You may have so much fun, you stop caring about the free resources available… or not.

These online marketing tools can

A.  Help you FIND just the right search terms for investing your hard earned dollars.

B. Save you HOURS on otherwise laborious tasks… even most of your article writing time.

C. Save you HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS when you don’t have to OUTSOURCE these repetitive tasks.

If you’re interested in getting these online marketing tools in exchange for your participation in a free online forum, sign up as a member of this  Free Forum called “Internet Marketing Q&A” and join the conversation. It will be worth your time and effort!

Related Link: Advertise your business for free with IM Guru Jon Leger

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The Viral Facebook Cash Machine Just $2.95 But Ends At Midnight!

August 28, 2013 by Chuck | 0 Comments

Would you like to use Facebook to promote your business without ads?

The truth is few trust ads. They trust what their friends like.

How can you master the art of getting Facebook “likes” and “shares”?

My very good friend Joel Therien just released a
Facebook Marketing course and well … he has gone

INSANE.. here is why…

He asked me to promote the course, he told me he was
originally going to sell it at $197.00.. but then he decided
to sell it at $2.95 cents!!!

Ah… I said to him, what’s the catch, what is the upsell?

Then this is when I knew he was insane…

He said to me “There is no catch, no upsell, no forced
continuity.. there is NO CATCH at all!”

Then Joel went on to say…

“Most brand new marketers turn to facebook for leads..
and well.. most brand new marketers have very little money to

So that’s why I am selling it for $2.95 with NO CATCH, I have
been new, I have been broke, this will set people on the right path
without spending a dime!

So ummm, before Joel gains consciousness, go get your copy now
for just $2.95 cents!!!!!


If you are looking for…

- High quality leads..
- Something simple to grasp?
- An easy way to get noticed and recognized?
- Maybe great new ways in generating leads, traffic and sales?

Then this new Facebook package will guild you through, and set you
up on a solid foundation, showing you with confidence and comfort
on how to use Facebook to explode your business in a way you have
never used it before!

- Pull in traffic
- Collect those likes and followers
- Generate leads
- Build that know, like and trust to create customers
- Increase your profits
- Explode your business and organization!

You can grab your copy here for just $2.95


But hurry… as I said I think Joel has gone a bit insane so
go grab it now… as the price WILL increase for sure!

Thanks for reading!

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75 Free Stock Photos from HubSpot

August 8, 2013 by Chuck | 1 Comment

Pictures always spice up a blog post. The question is… how do you make sure you’re getting royalty free images you can use?

Here are 75 you can use for free from HubSpot…

They come in 5 categories… “Silly Photos”, “Expressions”, “Laptop Work”, “Working Hard” and “People Together”.

Here’s one now:


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How To Exploit 7 Free Traffic Sources That Turn $7 Into $4,549 Over and Over

August 5, 2013 by Chuck | 0 Comments

How To Exploit 7 Free Traffic Sources That Turn $7 Into $4,549 Over and Over

My friends just put the final touches on a NEW niche marketing system that allows anyone to bank between $1,479 and $4,549 …

…using your worst selling, half-baked info product (or Kindle book) and 7 FREE traffic sources.

They were gonna sell it with a fancy pants, whiz bang’ish webinar but decided to practically give it away –


Because it was going to be a “webby product” it’s got a load of that pizzazz and our usual star-spangled flair…

So, it should be $197 but you’re getting for 95% off.

(It’s less than the price of two Happy Meals.)


This is a whopper-of-a-deal…

Check out what you get to DOWNLOAD today:

  • 10 Case Study Niche Training Modules

(10 Videos and 10 Monetization Guides, $750 value)

  • 27 underground, easy to enter, ready-to-profit niches

($997 real-world value)

  • 81 Unique, high quality articles w/PLR

($750 real-world value)

  • 7 free and sneaky traffic generation strategies,

with complete how to ($497 real-world value)


  • Top 100 keywords (including secret ones) per niche

($750 real-word value)

  • Bonus #1: How To Uncover Secret Niches

($47 real-world value)

  • Bonus #2: WordPress Squeeze Page Power Plugin

($97 real-world value)

There’s even more, but I don’t wanna freak
you out too much.

Get it… and be thrilled!

~ Chuck

p.s. I think you’ll agree that this is the best training you’ve seen on niche marketing…
10 ways to get cash…
7 FREE traffic methods…

They show you everything.

This will HELP YOU. Guaranteed!



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Keyword Snatcher 2.0 Review – Is it a Scam?

July 30, 2013 by Chuck | 3 Comments

This is a review of the NEW Keyword Snatcher 2.0! It also answers the question “is this a scam?”

Formerly a piece of software resident on your computer, version 2.0 is a web based tool that lets you pay ONE TIME and use the tool (and any updated versions) indefinitely for as many searches as you wish!

Here’s what it does (as  you’ll see on the video here

You type in a basic keyword you wish to get web traffic for and it generates hundreds, sometimes thousands, and at other times even more results.

I used it to type in the word “compare” just to see possible articles that might be written for affiliate sales.

Here’s what Keyword Snatcher pulled for me when I let it run about 12 hours:

Wow – 70,059 possible results!

Obviously these results need to be sorted and chosen carefully. Some will be pure junk. But if you’re doing a “comparison” of related products (like electronics or insurance policies or mortgages) you have all the topics you need for a dense, content laden website that targets keywords most webmasters never target.


Keyword Snatcher pulls searches from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon and Ebay. Most webmasters never go past using the free tools at Google’s Adwords site.

That tool – as Jon Leger shows – doesn’t bother to give you as many possible keywords as his tool Keyword Snatcher can find. This tool finds HUNDREDS MORE depending on the keyword.

As a result – according to BING – 40% of people searching for a given topic find NO WEB PAGE that exactly conforms to their search… 40%.

Are these keywords profitable? It depends on what you’re selling (high commission or low commission), how you’re making money (affiliate products, adsense, or paid advertisers) , and how committed you are to that market. A one page website likely won’t do much for any market.  It also depends on other factors so there are NEVER ANY GUARANTEES.

But here’s how Jon himself explains the profit potential of such keywords.

Let’s do some math on the profit potential of these kinds of keywords.

Let’s say you could write 3 articles a day, 5 days a week targeting 3 different sets of these keywords. That’s not hard at all. A solid article for these kinds of keywords shouldn’t take you more than half an hour to whip up.

If you did that consistently for one year, that would be 780 articles in one year.

If you averaged 100 visitors per article per year, that’s 78,000 unique visitors.

If each article targeted a product that made you $50 per sale, even if only 1 person in 50 buys the product you would have made almost $80,000 off of that traffic.

Write another 780 articles the second year and that figure is more like $150,000 — because your first year’s articles will still generate traffic!

See how fast those small search counts can add up to big dollars? Of course, I can’t guarantee any specific amount
for any specific keywords, but I think you get what I’m saying here.

Let’s deal with this question now. Is Keyword Snatcher a “Scam”?

I’ve learned in my years of working with business opportunities that yes, there are some real scams out there. They take money and provide you NOTHING in return of much value. For cranking out amazing keyword suggestions – this is NO SCAM.

Unfortunately there are also people who say that anything that requires work is a “scam”. If requiring the application of energy and knowledge makes it a scam, yes, this is a scam! (You know I’m being sarcastic, right?)

I’ve set up a way for folks to “test drive” this…  for the price of a gig, I’ll run your first keyword search for you. If you mention this blog post, I’ll give you ALL the results (even a 70,000 result run like the one I did) for just the price of ONE GIG.


When you go there you’ll see a picture of a 40,000+ keyword run… remember, mention this blog post and I’ll give you ALL THE RESULTS for the price of one gig – not just the first 1,000 mentioned there.

I think once you test it for yourself, you’ll buy the actual service.

Note: This tool DOES NOT give you search statistics for each term. It gives you real search terms and also related search terms so your website doesn’t look like “keyword spam”… for a one time lifetime price, it’s a great deal. So check it out!

Note: the affiliate links in the article above are mine and I am an affiliate of Keyword Snatcher in addition to being a happy user of the service.

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The Magic of Copywriting

July 2, 2013 by Chuck | 2 Comments

Editor’s Introduction: Copywriting is a skill that is as much “caught” as “taught”. Sometimes the best tips are the ones we pick up from observing other copywriters at work and hearing them think out loud on forums. This article can help you think about how to improve your copywriting…

What can you do with master copywriting skills?

Any set of copywriting skills is a big advantage for you and for the company you are working for. Why? Because this set of skills can make difference and a great lay-way between the ability of the writer to effectively promote a product, a person, an idea or an enterprise if you have the perfect set of skills to effectively and successfully make a sale.

Copywriting is an essential and a good investment of your time and to honed and better equip yourself in the field of writing. Plus, the pay is good. Copywriters are highly paid in their field. The ability of the writer to make words into action and make interaction in order to make a point of sale is essential and the whole point of social media marketing online.

The copywriter plays with words and provides text and introduces the product in such a way that can make interaction, a user interface to take action a move to action, make a sale.

How do we move people or users to buy the product and make a point-of-sale or make them do anything? We have sales pages, ads, web forms, blog posts and anything under the sun to make people interact. These are just samples but the bulk of the work intensifies as the ad campaign pushes to break barriers in communication media. The copywriter can write headlines that can attract and make the product seen and visible over the web.

Make yourself a copywriter by downloading the free Sales Page Copywriting eBook and write your own HIGH CONVERTING sales page. Try your luck by selling a product, an opinion or idea, a business or a person. Start a career.

Start by joining forums and develop an idea for the craft. Who knows you can be the next superstar to develop a global phenomenon. Log-in to the Marketing forum for more insights into the craft and learn your skills as copywriter or internet marketing specialist. Sign-up and join the forums which will introduce you to countless professionals of the craft and ask your burning questions. Get answer coming from serious experienced professionals. Questions like what and when to start and what to put-up, the initial investments, etc. The community will answer your questions. The forum is helpful and informational for newbie’s and professionals. So, start your career right – and earn from it.



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